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General Election 2011 is over. As predicted by the majority of pre election opinion polls the government parties have been decimated. Fianna Fail returning with a historically low 20 seats while it was a case of total wipe out for the Greens.

Meanwhile Fine Gael, the Labour Party, Sinn Fein and Independent TD’s will have record numbers in the new Dail.

Something else reaching an all time high is the number of Tweeters in Dail Eireann! Of the 166 Deputies returned we have counted 120 tweeters. Of course u can keep an eye on all of them right here on Politweets.ie

If you are aware of any Politweeters that we have missed please get in touch and let us know. As was the case Pre GE11 we won’t be tracking direct replies (there’s no point in hearing one side of a conversation!) unless they are to other members of the political arena.


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Politweets discussed about half way through!

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