Your top Tweet of the Election 2011 Campaign is …

Tony Mulcahy, Fine Gael

Tony Mulcahy, winner of Tweet of GE11

Over the course of General Election 2011 we collected thousands of tweets from hopeful candidates. When we presented all of those tweets and invited you to vote on your ”Tweet of the campaign” we received tremendous response.

The tweet with the most votes in the end could equally have scooped a “Poster of General Election 2011″ title if one existed!

You selected Fine Gael’s, Tony Mulcahy, (GE11 candidate in Clare Constituency) presumably for being a good sport and tweeting about his own, as he says himself “pimped” poster!

On a poster nr Dromoland. Classic pimping! Brilliant. Vote me Up Before u Go Go!

Luke Ming Flanagan TD

Luke Ming Flanagan TD

In the silver medal position is this tweet from the legend of the North West, Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan with a tweet we think he might have lifted directly out of Terminator 2!!

“We took on the machines. We became a machine. We beat the machines. We did it!”

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