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Your top Tweet of the Election 2011 Campaign is …

Over the course of General Election 2011 we collected thousands of tweets from hopeful candidates. When we presented all of those tweets and invited you to vote on” Tweet of the campaign” we had a tremendous response.

The tweet you voted the winner came from Fine Gael’s Tony Mulcachy with Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan coming in a close second ..

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Did GE11′s 100 Top Tweeters convert Tweets into Votes?

So the votes have been cast and counted. Has all the tweetmania of GE11 paid off? Have our politweeters managed to turn tweets into votes? We tracked how Ireland’s 100 most active General Election 2011 candidate tweeters performed.

Of ‘s 100 top tweeters 61 have failed to get elected while 39 succeeded.

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In these most turbulent economic times interest in Politics is at an all time high. The economic, climate, unemployment, bank bailouts and negative equity are now the talk of homes and pubs alike where once conversations centered around buying bigger …

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